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Rashana Anderson

Hi Shayna,
I first saw these amazing photos on Isis' blog and decided to come over and check you out. Awesome, beautiful, so pretty! If you don't mind, I'd like to stick around and read posts going forward. ;-)



Simply fantastic! Great job.

Shayna Walker

Thanks Isha - that means a lot coming from someone with your amazing design talent. I get to design another candy buffet with a completely different theme in a couple of months, and I'm SO excited. Hope you are well.

Nessrine Kdouh

hi Shayna how are you.. I think this candy table was a great idea I think that it is really beautiful.I am getting married April 25th and I am planning on doing a candy table. I was wondering where you got the letters for the word LOVE to fill with candy.
Thanks, Nessrine

Shayna Walker

Hi Nessrine:

Thank you. We are really proud of this candy buffet. The following post tells you all about those plates:

Good luck!


Hi Shayna,

I am getting married September 24th of 2010, but I have already started looking for ideas. I love everything about this Candy Buffet right down to the colors!! I was wondering where did you find the Brown Boxes with the handles?

Thanks so much,


Shayna Walker

Thank you Tiffany. It was a fun buffet to design. Kerri had about 1000 photos of what inspired her. We bought the boxes from They were fairly large, though, and I would suggest ordering just a few as a sample ( allows you to order small quantities) to make sure they are exactly what you want first. These couldn't handle the weight of the candy we were using on their own, so we actually put clear adhesive discs on the bottom to give them extra strength. Kerri had ordered the logo, and we custom printed the logos ourselves. The miracle of the color laser printer and sticker or full-sheet label paper and a big square craft punch.


I will definitely check out Shayna, Thank you for all your advice.


I am IN LOVE with this candy buffet! This is *excatly* what I am looking for! I am getting married on October 23, 2010 and have dreamed about having a candy buffet since we started planning.

Today I called my venue to double check that the candy buffet didn't count as "outside food" and they told me that is doesn't. Then they offered me the option of bringing in everything myself OR just let them do it. They are now offering a candy buffet as an "enhancement" to their package.

She said that they have the apothecary jars & can get "a variety of candy" to match our colors at $7.99 per person (plus tax/ 18% service charge)- that is a little over a grand for us. She didn't give me a list of specific candy yet (I asked for one) but she mentioned M&M's. rock candy, jelly beans and chocolate. I think I could do it myself for a lot cheaper but would have to buy jars, scoops, bags, candy & then deal with set up & leftovers so maybe I am wrong.

Do you have any advice? What does a set up like the one you did for Kerri and Chico cost? I am feeling overwhelmed with the thought of doing this myself... Any advice would be great!



Thank you. I'm pretty enamored with this one too - so much of my time and heart went into building it. Seeing how appreciated it was by guests and still is by readers has been very rewarding.

Refer to our post on January 23, 2009 for lots of input that I gave another one of my brides for preparing for a candy buffet.

While I can understand where the venue is coming from with their prices (it is a LOT of work) depending on how many guests you have you can definitely pull it off for less. You'll note that the apothecary jars in this buffet were not the main features - those were actually pretty inexpensive (we waited for an online deal then swept them up). We used a lot of seasonal candy, and candy that per pound offered a lot of pieces which helps the value. Also, if you're very careful about the gift container size (ours was pretty large)you don't have to provide quite as much candy.

I can't tell you exactly what Kerri and Chico's buffet cost - but I can tell you to check into where I purchased most of their specialty candy (you can pick up the seasonal stuff at Target or Wal-Mart). They sell candy by color, and they tell you how many pieces are generally in a pound. Start collecting containers now (Target, TJMaxx, Tuesday Mornings, Big Lots, WalMart, KMart and other similar stores are great resources). And make sure you set up the containers once in advance (maybe on similarly sized table at home) and take a picture - someone else is going to have to set it up for you (you'll be busy that day) and you want them to get it right.

If you ever need anything, just ask. And congratulations!


Thanks so much for all the tips! I bought the LOVE plates and have been collecting glassware from Michael's with my 50% off coupons!


That's fantastic Clover! I'm so happy that you've found helpful advice here! I would love it if you'd send some photos after your wedding. I'd even be glad to share them on the blog! Good luck with everything!


Where did you find your L O V E serving pieces? Love them!

Shayna Walker

Hi Miriam:

The details for those plates can be found here:

Thank you for your comment!

Best regards, Shayna


Hi Shanya!

I absolutely love this candy table! I was wanting to know where you found the leaf ceramic plates?



Shayna Walker

Hi Heather:

Thank you! I actually purchased the leaf plates at Tuesday Morning, but it was a couple of years ago so I imagine stock has changed. Now is the perfect time to keep an eye out for great fall-themed pieces at your local kitchen and home decor stores. Good luck!



And don't ever understimate the power of the candy table on kids! If you are trying to keep children at your wedding happy, a "surprise" candy table, revealed at just the right moment can help hold the whining at bay for just a little longer. Of course if it's out there at the very beginning and they aren't supposed to touch it just yet... Then... Well let's just say it's a good idea to take pictures of those cute kids and the table early in the evening.


Where did you find the Love letters??

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