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Why It Is Important to Clean Your Grease Traps

One item that we always find in our kitchens is grease. Whatever foods we cook, most of them use grease and this is the reason why we should check our grease trap regularly. This task of cleaning your grease trap regularly is of utmost importance especially for restaurant owners because there is a tendency to forget this since we are mostly concerned about simply cooking and cleaning the utensils that we used. But a restaurant will be more successful if this grease trap cleaning is given importance. Grease trap cleaning is very important and here are the reasons why.

The function of the grease trap is to make sure that grease does not go down the normal drainage system by catching them. The consistency of fats and oils make it difficult to drain properly in a liquid drainage system. if you don’t clean your grease traps regularly then you will soon find that the fats and oils are overflowing and entering the standard drain. And if this happens, there will be greater problems that you will encounter.

Not cleaning your grease traps can clog the drain. A clogged drain will prevent you to use your kitchen sink to clean stuff in the kitchen and you have to wait until the clog is cleared up for the kitchen sink to function normally again. A restaurant business will slow down with a clogged drain, since your personal are not able to use the sink to clean utensil and other kitchen stuff. It is difficult to clean out fats and oils from a pipe and it will take a long time for a plumber to fix the clog.

And, if the contents of the grease trap is able to enter the sewage system, even public septic tanks and other waste disposal systems can be clogged and this then becomes a major problem for many people. If the septic tank backs up, then human waste can bubble up the surface. Unpleasant odors can come out of the drains and it can also cause major damage to the ground where the tank is buried.

Sometimes kitchen fires are caused by un-maintained grease traps. It is not easy to put out burning grease and it is also very hot. A small grease fire can spread widely especially if you pour water on it, and when it is spread throughout, you will find it very difficult to contain. If you are only using a small amount of oil, then these types of fires can easily be avoided. But when fats and oils are not properly cleaned, they spread to areas where you don’t really take time to check. If you don’t want a fire of this magnitude then the only y thing to do is to clean your grease traps regularly.

A chemical fire extinguisher can contain a large fire but if it is not possible then you need to call the fire department and evacuate to safety.

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