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Radiation Diagnosis and Treatment: A Software Guide Before the introduction of the radiology information system software, the patient imagery process was all manual. Then with time the patient will have subsequent x-rays to monitor if there are any changes from the first x-ray taken. Also, the patients had to have a copy of the x-ray photo with them physically each time they had a consultation with a doctor. Innovation in computer application has developed a computerized imagery, and other related information record keeping. The system has automated the process of keeping x-rays photos records. Services offered by the application involves. Planning the health facility calendar to accommodate patients in need of x-ray photos. The software is uploaded with all patients whose diagnosis study requires an x-ray photo. The information is then analyzed to find the vacant day and time for the patients to have the imagery data taken. Hence the facility can serve more patients efficiently. Monitoring the recovery process of the body. The radiology application keeps tracks of all x-rays taken from the time the patient was found to have a disease to the time the diseases are fully cured. This is important in that even if there is a change of doctors, the new doctor will have all records of the patient up to that particular time. Thus patients will have a single x-ray taken at every stage of treatment are the records are safe kept.
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Finding out if the patient’s body is reacting positively or negatively to the treatment. The application will compare different x-ray photos to check if there is any difference, which may show recovery or worsening of the condition or no change at all. The system will also analyze the impact of treatment on some patients by comparing their x-ray photos. The doctors will be able to adjust treatment to time, instead of continuing administering treatment which is not working and the patient is still being charged.
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In addition the system also supplies financial information to the patient’s health care billing system. The purpose is to have a centralized medical costs application. The integration facilitates the sending of the patients medical cost as one fee to their medical cover provider company. The insurance companies will receive very accurate data, therefore will pay the health care facility in good time. In addition it is easy to make any changes to the financial records conveniently and the change is reflected to all users simultaneously. The radiology information software system has been of great benefit to both the patients, doctors and other health care stakeholders. The health care system has reduced the large number of physical imagery patients’ records, hence becoming more productive. Diagnosed persons will not have the burden of having print outs of their x-ray photos and the system will increases chances of getting the most appropriate treatment for their condition leading to lower cost due to fast recovery.